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What is Cloudflow?

Cloudflow Solutions are prebuilt, cloud-hosted automation solutions designed exclusively for insurance. They are created with deep domain knowledge and experience embedded in them.

Cloudflow helps you transform Better, Faster, and Cheaper!!

The Cloudflow Advantage

Ready-to-go with configurability

Faster and Cheaper to manage

It is 10X faster and 40% cheaper to manage the hosted offering as compared to on premise applications

3X Improvement in Productivity

Manage more cases and see an improvement in productivity without increase in your team size

2X Improve channel experience

Attract the best channel partners and financial advisors, and see an improvement in customer experience scores

100% Auditable and Traceable

Manage SLAs for you and your team with end-to-end traceability and audit trails

Reduce customer acquisition cost

Shorter turnaround time, fixed costs and seamless upgrades keep growing simply and easily

90 Days

To go live

Blazing fast implementation, with go-live 90 days. Structured implementation methodology ensuring no scope, project and timelines creep.

30 Days

Free trial

What you see is what you get with try before you buy. No unexpected outcomes and unpleasant surprises.


From your team

Only four members needed from your team to make this a success – reducing dependencies, time and effort.



Cloudflow Solutions are prebuilt and cloud-hosted front-end and automation solutions designed exclusively for insurance created on deep domain knowledge and experience.

Faster Implementation

Cloudflow helps Insurers realise benefits, such as improved operational efficiency, engagement and experience, faster with significant and continuous cost savings

Competitive and Seamless

Each Cloudflow solution has been created based on mature processes from years of experience and will continue to evolve with industry best practices as seamless upgrades


Check Out Cloudflow

Transformation programme may seem tedious, long-drawn and expensive but we have simplified the process. Try Cloudflow for 30 days for free and take the next step only if you are happy.

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